Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seriously Quin?

So by looking past the flawlessness of this hair of mine, you will see what appears to be a comb. Its what I like to call "tangeled". So tangeled I cant get it out. So tangeled I had to call Ty to come home from work and get it out before I take Nixon to practice.

Quin thought it would be fun to play with my hair, which I love getting my hair played with, LOVE IT! But things took a turn for the worse when she decided to "curl" my hair (with the comb). Then she tried pulling it out, which then only tightened the hold the comb had on my hair. Now, with a headache, I sit and wait patiently for my man to get here and try to rid of this entangelment. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I know after you scan through these pics you're probably going to think to yourself "man that uniform fits him fabulously". Cause thats what I thought the first time I saw his cuteness in it:-)
Seriously though, it is a little on the big side and hes a little bit on the small side. I still think he looks adorable in all of its baggy-ness, and I promise there is a body in all of that!

Enough about that, Nixon, if you couldnt tell yet, has started t-ball/coach pitch and he is loving it. He had his first game saturday and surprisingly it was not that painful to watch. His first time up to bat, he had to use the T cause the coach will pitch so many pitches before they make them use the T. He hit and got to 1st base, then the next little bugger hit, which moved Nixon to 2nd and then this is where it all went south. The next kid hit the ball and Nixon wasnt really sure where to go from 2nd so he just walked himself right back to the dug-out, (not run, walk) which by the way I think was the highlight of the day for him. "Mom, the coach said we get to go in the dug-out!!!" (wide eyed and grinning) So cute:-) After that he got the hang of it except for running to home plate after being on 3rd. Again he just took off for the dug-out. I later had to explain that "thats how you score points is by stepping on home plate." Hopefully this next game he'll get it. Its pretty entertaining to watch and he is having the time of his life in and out of the dug-out!!

Quin thought there was going to be chay-leaders there so she had to bring my 1990 something Danceworks (!represent!) poms!

NICU festivities!

Every year the hospital does a reunion/get together thing for all the babies that have been in the NICU at Staheli Farms. So we of course hopped in our mid size and headed up to St. Jorge for the weekend. It was alot of fun and the kids had a kickin good time:-) There was so much for them to do like jump on a gigantic bubble thing, ride tire horses, ride real horses, some slides, pet some animals, run around, corn maze it up and so on and so on. It was so nice getting out of Vegas and into some fresh air. We hadnt been up that way for a while and it was nice to see family and the kids were so excited to see their "famolies". Thats what Quin calls her cousins. Anyway we got to see Camdens Dr.(pictured above) who took care of him both times he was in the hospital and we just love him. It was a fun weekend and again we were so glad we got to go!

Tais and Quin
The twins. They were seperated in heaven for a reason!


Lexi bear

Im in Love......

.....with this face!! I obviously love all my kids the same and I am loving all the different stages they are in and how fun (when theyre not being naughty) they are right now, but I just cant get enough of this little guy. Its wierd because he is by far my hardest baby but also my most smiley baby. That makes sense right? Well hes hard because hes a little more clingy than i remember my other two being and he just likes to be held. When hes not being held, well you'd think he was dying. It can be difficult at times because for someone who wants to held, he sure doesnt hold still for anything and he rarely makes eye contact with whoever is holding him. But we still are having so much fun with this "sweet boy" and we truly are in love!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rainbow Dash & Unicorns

So are you familiar with the term "rainbows and butterflys"? Well in Quins world everything is always "rainbow dash and unicorns"! While I was picking her up from joy school this morning, Richelle (the other mother) tells me that they are learning about animals and she was asking the girls what other animals they could think of and Quin says "Ranibow Dash, shes an animal!" Apparently all of Quins responses were either "Rainbow Dash" or "Unicorns". Rainbow Dash is a My Little Pony and there is a unicorn My Little Pony and thats just what shes into right now. Quin is totally all girl, all glitter, all pink/purple, all pretty things all the time. I will say that she most definately did not get that from my side of the family. She is all Prisbrey that way! But Im totally fine with it cause I have so much fun with it and her!! I get to do the boy things with my boys and the girly girl things with Quin.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 6, 2011

This was the best pic I could get of Quin. Safe to say shes not my most photogenic child!

So Tuesday was a pretty big day in our house. It was the first day of school for Nixon and Quin! They were both so excited to go. Let me just tell ya that finding an affordable, good pre-school here in LV was not an easy task. They are both going to different pre-schools. Nixon is going to an official pre-school and its from a lady in our old ward from when we were renting and Quin is doing a joy school with a little girl in our current ward. I should say "we" are doing a joy school cause I'll get the girls for 2 weeks every month. Nixon so desperately needed to go somewhere where I wasnt and there were lots of kids to play with. We thought about doing the joy school thing with him but that just wouldnt have been good for anyone involved. He needed to get away from me and do his own thing. He would not have responded to me at all when it was my turn to have them. Yes! This is Nixons third year of pre-school but we did that on purpose so he could be the oldest in his class when he goes to kindergarten next year, which by the way, I cant wait for!
The next big event of the day was Nixons big birthday! So i send out the invites to some of his friends and I put from 4-6, thinking thats plenty of time to play, make their super hero masks, eat some pizza, a little cake, maybe open some presents. Well I was way off! We were done by 4:45. These kids were on crack I swear. It took a good solid 4 minutes for them to decorate their masks. Not long at all for them to eat. Apparently they dont like to actually taste the food while they are eating, they just wanted it gone. Presents, well....he got a little help with the presents from one of our little neighbor buddies. So the present presentation didnt last long, at all! You can imagine what they did to the cake. What cake?! I will say that I impressed myself with the capes I made. Yes from scratch. With the sewing machine. 6 of them. I had to make Quin and her little friend Sadie capes, but of course they were pink and purple not the red and grey like the boys. So all in all it was a good time. It was fun cause my mom came for the day so I got to hang out with her, which doesnt happen often. She got Nixon Legos, which he loves, and some scriptures for church (he is always carrying Tys around asking if I will read them for him). He was so excited about that and she blew up a picture of him at Kolob with him holding his first fish he caught. So cute!! He loved it. I cant believe he is 5! It really is crazy how fast it all goes by. It makes me sad. He truly is the sweetest boy and has the biggest heart. Even though there are days I just dont know what to do with him, he just melts my heart more and more every day. Hes definately my favorite oldest boy:-)
The Party goers!
Quin and Sadie (totally all girl)
Nixon blowing out the candles on his Cpt. America cake

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ive lost it!

So I havent posted in a bit and my mom has been wanting to see a post, so here ya go! I usually dont like to post if I dont have pictures but I had a minor change of heart this morning when I was reading my last post. I was reading it and as I was reading it I thought to myself "man, I need to go through this and fix some serious run on sentences, maybe put some punctuation here, a little more there, cause this not great writing." Then I thought "NO! This is me and my mom state of mind. A mind the is totally losing it and regressing."

Now this may seem like a venting post, maybe a complaining post, call it what you want but I do love my kids, and I love being a mom. Its just that dont you ever feel like you're regressing just a little bit in life? I mean the adult time that you DONT get, conversations with adults. Conversations that make you actually have to think. Lets be honest here, I was never really the sharpest tool in the shed but I dont consider myself dumb either. But lately, I do feel like I could use a crash course on basic social, life, writing, spelling, and maybe even a little common sense skills. I sometimes feel like Im on a 6th maybe 7th grade level.

So there you have it, Im losing my mind!